Commercial Flooring Design, Installation & Maintenance


There are many choices when choosing someone to install your commercial floor. At The Gillespie Group we go far beyond installation with the added value of total satisfaction and peace of mind that can only come from the way we make floors perform.

The Gillespie Group is among the most experienced and respected installers in the nation. We are proud members of Starnet Worldwide, the world’s premier commercial flooring partnership. As a network member we are held to the highest standards of installation professionalism and customer satisfaction. The result is a fast, professional installation that exceeds project specifications and expectations.

As leading commercial installation experts with more than 25 years of experience we have a team of flooring professionals that are unsurpassed in their knowledge and capabilities to handle any project, regardless of its size, complexity or conditions.

Our installation specialists are trained and certified by major manufacturers and industry organizations and associations in approved techniques and best practices for the flooring they install. We believe that it’s the best and the only way to make your floors perform.

No project is too large, too small or too challenging for
The Gillespie Group. Perhaps best of all, we fully understand the
words “on time,” “on spec” and “on budget.”

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