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Resinous Flooring Installation

Making resinous flooring systems perform requires a high level of experience and expertise. It’s something The Gillespie Group excels in. We are one of only a few AcryliCon® Certified Installers in the USA. AcryliCon is the only Modified MMA flooring in the world. There is no equal.


AcryliCon is the most advanced, highest performing, environmentally friendly, hygienic and attractive floor product on the market. Developed in Norway 36 years ago, many of the original floors are still in service.

AcryliCon was originally developed for the fish processing industry and has since been utilized in food and foodservice, beverage, hospital, manufacturing, institutional, aerospace, pharmaceutical, retail and other interesting applications. To accommodate the performance requirements of these diverse industries AcryliCon offers numerous types of flooring systems.

The AcryliCon materials are non-toxic during installation and emit no hazardous chemicals during their lifecycle, even in the event of fire. AcryliCon is non-porous, will not turn brittle, is most hygienic and has the highest industry compressive strength by far. It features a full cure time of only less than two hours, greatly reducing downtime.

AcryliCon is the only industrial flooring authorized to incorporate Microban antimicrobial chemistry into the resin formula for a lifetime of bacteria fighting properties.

The Gillespie Group excels at installing the most advanced
resinous flooring available in the world.

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