Commercial Flooring Design, Installation & Maintenance

Complex Removal

The Gillespie Group specializes in handling the most challenging and difficult floor removals, including carpet and carpet tile, linoleum, floor tile, hardwood flooring, stone, ceramic and many others. From shot blasting to full on milling of concrete substrate to removing defects to severe elevation issues, we have the experience, the expertise and the equipment.

The Gillespie Group utilizes several pieces of equipment, which can handle just about any floor prep or removal challenge. Having in-house access to these highly efficient pieces of equipment means quick, effective and very clean results. Our equipment removes 90% of all floor coverings and is ten times faster than conventional methods.

To maintain safe environmental working conditions, especially in areas of restricted ventilation, all equipment used by the Gillespie Group is connected to sealed HEPA filtration vacuum systems.

In addition to the equipment used for removal of flooring material, our fast and efficient hydraulic lift systems vertically raise your library racks and remove furniture so old flooring can be removed and replaced faster and at less expense.

For complex removal projects, The Gillespie Group’s
experience, expertise and equipment are the easy choice.

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