Commercial Flooring Design, Installation & Maintenance

For Architects & Designers

What’s the best way to describe the experience of working with The Gillespie Group as your trusted flooring partner?

In a word. Smooth.

Gillespie stands apart because we are a presence. From the front desk to the “corner office”, we’re a group of dedicated, experienced professionals who are there for you and with you. From initial consultation and estimating to installation and clean up you’ll work with a team of highly organized and experienced professionals who are in tune with your project and responsive to your needs. Over the phone. On site. In person. Whatever it takes.

The Gillespie Group’s expert office staff will guide the submittals, close out, and purchasing process from start to finish without delay. Smooth.

And those really tight specs and deadlines you need to meet? We meet them.

Our field experience comes with delivery and certified crews as well as a large in house labor force to handle any size job, big or small. And thanks to our deep knowledge and experience, we can anticipate and eliminate potential problems, offering suggestions and making timely adjustments and alterations. Smooth, again.

Whether your project spans a couple of months or a couple of years, The Gillespie Group delivers a quality, on time, on budget, low-stress experience from a full menu of services that includes:
  • Project Consultation
  • Design and Installation Consultation
  • On-Site Evaluation and Measurement
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Material Specification and Selection
  • Flooring Removal and Recycling
  • Project Management
  • Custom Installation by Certified Installers
  • Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance

The Gillespie Group is your partner to fulfill your vision – from the ground floor up.

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