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The Gillespie Group is proud of its partnership with Protective Industrial Polymers (PIP), a unique company devoted to providing turn-key flooring solutions for today’s industrial marketplace. From initial project consultation to product manufacture to superb installation support, they provide the highest level of expertise with each project.

Based in Ohio, PIP offers complete flooring solutions for the heavy manufacturing, commercial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech markets, with a keen focus toward ESD control, ignition control and antimicrobial solutions for today’s high-tech industries.

The Gillespie Group recommends PIP flooring because it is a seamless system that is easy-to-clean, durable and controls moisture. It is also a cost-effective option for large installation. The company has utilized PIP flooring solutions for past projects with great success.

PIP is also a true partner in every aspect of a project. They collaborate with us to develop flooring systems that meet our clients’ various needs and specs; their technicians also come onsite to work with our team to ensure the successful outcome of the project. Their reputation matches the efficacy of the products they manufacture–from a professional standpoint, this is paramount.

“PIP and The Gillespie Group understood the logistics and complications of new flooring requirements at our new Manhattan facility. There were many issues: existing floors were failing, and we had a mix of concrete and plywood. The timing was also critical. We required the fastest turnaround time possible because in our business, we are working around-the-clock to provide fresh food for our customers.”

– Vice President of Food Products Company

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