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The Gillespie Group and Altro have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship through many successful projects and installations. The Gillespie Group and Altro share a customer-first philosophy, placing them at the forefront of everything

they do and encouraging collaboration between colleagues and customers. As a family-run business they are committed to supplying high performance flooring and wall cladding in all aspects of service and support.

With headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Altro operates in diverse sectors with core customer bases in health and senior care, food and drink, education, and transport where safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. The company also operates in other sectors that require safety flooring and wall cladding for tough, demanding environments. These include leisure, retail and offices, prisons and defense, and manufacturing and warehousing.

A prime example of Altro’s outstanding product performance and the project success provided through their relationship with The Gillespie Group is evident in the many projects completed for educational institutions of all types, from grade school through higher education. In school environments, from classrooms to hallways to kitchens and more, Altro’s durable products include flooring that stands up to years of moving furniture and sliding caster wheels, as well as chemicals and staining. Their wall systems are impact resistant, low maintenance and easy to maintain. As one administrator from Seton Hall University states, “Our Altro® flooring installation gave us a refreshed look for our school’s main kitchen. It is also ideal for high-traffic areas like ours and is easy to maintain. Students and faculty gave it high marks all around!

Altro is recognized as an industry-leader, having invented safety flooring in 1947. Their current generation of safety flooring exceeds international safety and hygiene standards and offers sustained slip resistance for the life of the product. The company invented hygienic wall cladding systems in 1982, another example of its innovative ownership and culture. Today, Altro Whiterock, a PVCu sheet, incorporates wall cladding and accessories designed for compatibility not just with the Altro Whiterock range, but with Altro flooring as well.

Joints and junctions are key to system integrity. Altro products offer smooth and secure joining methods that prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture. Easy to keep clean, Altro products are non-porous and non-shedding, so nothing can get in or out. And because they have high impact resistance, damage that can trap bacteria is unlikely.

The Gillespie Group maintains a close working partnership with Altro to ensure correct installation and optimum performance of all materials, particularly in situations where bacteria-free environments are an absolute. In order to assure complete product functionality, The Gillespie Group’s team of skilled technicians are specially trained and certified in Altro installation and installation equipment.

Our partnership with Altro® has been seamless. We are an Altro® WhiteRock Certified Installer and have increased our level of knowledge with each flooring project for clients.”

– John Gillespie, VP of Operations

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