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The Gillespie Group is proud of its partnership with the resinous flooring systems manufacturer AcryliCon®. Based in Norway, their high standards of service, reliability, professionalism and quality in the development and manufacturing of AcryliCon are shared by The Gillespie Group, and an important reason why our company has been designated as one of a select few AcryliCon Certified Installers in the USA.

AcryliCon provides a high-performance, long-lasting solution for the most demanding food processing, food service, hospital, industrial and manufacturing environments. To ensure accurate and professional installation of the resinous flooring system, The Gillespie Group’s team of installers are thoroughly trained and fully certified by AcryliCon.

The great thing about Acrylicon flooring is that it does not change. Its integrity is maintained and is pore free and durable year after year. A system, which satisfies the rigorous requirements, which prevail in the food industry, AcryliCon is highly suitable to many other markets and business sectors. The knowledge, expertise and experience we have acquired through our relationship with Acrylicon has helped form the foundation for carefree flooring experiences enjoyed by clients of The Gillespie Group.

“…volume of traffic in a supermarket presents a challenge to the durability of a flooring
surface over which all those wheels are turning. The AcryliCon® resinous coating that
The Gillespie Group installed in the spring of 2014 is more than up to meeting that challenge.”

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